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The Wild Boys Tops Cahiers du Cinema's Poll Of 2018

Even among highbrow critics, and even among the French, the journalists at Cahiers du Cinema are known for their particularly idiosyncratic tastes, as evidenced every year by their famous Top 10 list. And this year is no exception, as the list contains mainstream American titles alongside uber-obscure French ones, old titles (Hong Sang Soo's On the Beach at Night Alone premiered 22 months ago!) alongside new ones, and TV series, documentaries, and the new Lars von Trier. Topping the whole bunch, however, is Bertrand Mandico's The Wild Boys, thus ensuring a marked increase in the fantastical adventure movie's profile. Take a look at the full top ten right here:

1. The Wild Boys (Bertrand Mandico)

2. Coincoin and the Extra-Humans (Bruno Dumont)

3. Phantom Thread (Paul Thomas Anderson)

4. Burning (Lee Chang Dong)

5. Paul Sanchez est Revenu! (Patricia Mazuy)

6. The Post (Steven Spielberg)

7. On the Beach at Night Alone (Hong Sang Soo)

8. The House That Jack Built (Lars von Trier)

9. Leto (Kirill Serebrennikov)

10. Treasure Island (Guillaume Brac)

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