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Portrait of a Lady on Fire wins Best Movie at Chlotrudis Awards

Noemie Merland and Adele Haenel in Celine Sciamma's Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Noemie Merlant and Adele Haenel in Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Typically, the Chlotrudis Awards take place some time after awards season has concluded. But this is far from a typical awards season, so we're still well in the thick of it, and the Chlotrudis Society has chosen far from a typical pick for their top prize. Celine Sciamma's 2019 romantic drama Portrait of a Lady on Fire, ineligible for the society's awards last year, triumphs this year instead, winning Best Movie and Best Cinematography for Claire Mathon. Sciamma and Mathon weren't the only female prize winners outside of female-only categories, with awards also going to writer/director Eliza Hittman for Never Rarely Sometimes Always, writer Sarah Gubbins for Shirley, composer Mica Levi for Lovers Rock, and documentarian Garrett Bradley for Time. Check out the 2020 Chlotrudis Award nominations at this link.

Best Movie

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Best Director

Eliza Hittman (Never Rarely Sometimes Always)

Best Actress

Sidney Flanigan (Never Rarely Sometimes Always)

Best Actor

Riz Ahmed (Sound of Metal)

Levan Gelbakhiani (And Then We Danced)

Best Supporting Actress

Vasilisa Perelygina (Beanpole)

Best Supporting Actor

Orlin Asenov (Cat in the Wall)

Best Original Screenplay

Eliza Hittman (Never Rarely Sometimes Always)

Best Adapted Screenplay

Sarah Gubbins (Shirley) - based on the book by Susan Scarf Merrell

Best Cinematography

Claire Mathon (Portrait of a Lady on Fire)

Best Editing

Andrew Patterson (The Vast of Night)

Best Production Design

Sergey Ivanov (Beanpole)

Best Use of Music

Ed Bailie, Abi Leland and Mica Levi (Lovers Rock)

Zviad Mgebry (And Then We Danced)

Best Performance by an Ensemble Cast


Best Documentary


Buried Treasure Award

Ghost Tropic

Light from Light


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