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Joker and Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood lead Motion Picture Sound Editors nominations

Valerie Pachner and August Diehl in Terrence Malick's A Hidden Life
Valerie Pachner and August Diehl in A Hidden Life

I make no apologies for the title of this post not matching the image, because I was delivered one of the biggest shocks of awards season so far when the Motion Picture Sound Editors declared their 2019 award nominations. One of the most peaceful, thoughtful movies of the year - Terrence Malick's A Hidden Life - claims a surprise nod for its sound effects and foley from the MPSE, joining some real big bangers like 1917 and Avengers: Endgame in doing so!

However, it's Joker and Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood that will go into these awards as frontrunners, with a maximum three nominations apiece. With a shorter season than normal, this group - which usually holds its ceremony in late February (and has even done so on Oscar night or after the Oscars in the past) - will announce its winners on the 19th of January.

Best Sound Editing - Feature - Sound Effects / Foley

Kevin Acord, Ronni Brown, Justin Doyle, Coya Elliott, Richard Gould, Margie O'Malley, Dee Selby, Steve Slanec and Matthew Wood (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker)

Hugo Adams, Michael Fentum, Sue Harding, James Harrison, Andrea King and Oliver Tarney (1917)

Dusty Albertz, Bastien Benkhelil, Brad Engleking, David Forshee and Robert Kellough (A Hidden Life)

Harry Cohen, Gary Hecker, Sylvain Lasseur, Rick Owens, Kyle Rochlin and Wylie Stateman (Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood)

John T. Cucci, Michael Dressel, Darren Maynard, Alan Robert Murray, Kevin R. W. Murray, Dan O'Connell, Willard Overstreet, Tom Ozanich, John Joseph Thomas and Christian Wenger (Joker)

John T. Cucci, David Farmer, Christopher Flick, Josh Gold, Nia Hansen, Daniel Laurie, Jim Likowski, Shannon Mills, Samson Neslund, Dan O'Connell, Steve Orlando, Shelley Roden and John Roesch (Avengers: Endgame)

John T. Cucci, Luke Gibleon, Dan O'Connell, Alan Rankin, Mark P. Stoeckinger and Martyn Zub (John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum)

David Giammarco, Anna MacKenzie, Eric Norris, Donald Sylvester and Jay Wilkenson (Ford v. Ferrari)

Best Sound Editing - Feature - Dialogue / ADR

Lindsey Alvarez, Zach Goheen, Michael Hertlein, Leo Marcil and Wylie Stateman (Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood)

David V. Butler, Susan Dawes, Lee Ai Ling, Helen Luttrell and Tobias Poppe (Jojo Rabbit)

Eugene Gearty, Marissa Littfield and Philip Stockton (The Irishman)

Daniel Laurie, Shannon Mills, Jacob Riehle and Brad Semenoff (Avengers: Endgame)

Polly McKinnon and Donald Sylvester (Ford v. Ferrari)

Alan Robert Murray, Kira Roessler and Cameron Steenhagen (Joker)

Danny Sheehan (Rocketman)

Oliver Tarney and Rachel Tate (1917)

Best Sound Editing - Feature - Music Underscore

Paul Apelgren (Jojo Rabbit)

Sally Boldt, Johnnie Burn and Trey Edward Shults (Waves)

Joseph S. DeBeasy (Queen & Slim)

Xavier Faricolli and Suzana Peric (Little Women)

Lena Glikson, Will Kaplan, Katrina Schiller, Philip Tallman, Terry Wilson, Rick Zeigler and Sam Zines (Ad Astra)

Lena Glikson and Daniel Waldman (Joker)

Jim Schultz (Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood)

Philip Tallman (Dolemite Is My Name)

Best Sound Editing - Feature - Animation

Erik Aadahl, Malte Bieler, Rick Hromadka, Jason W. Jennings, Lee Go Eun, Ethan van der Ryn and Tim Walston (Abominable)

Odin Benitez, Christopher Bonis, Fernand Bos, Eliot Connors, Scott Curtis, Kendall Demarest, Earl Ghaffari, Harrison Meyle, Angelo Palazzo, Stephen Robinson, Shelley Roden, John Roesch, Jeff A. Sawyer and Russell Topal (Frozen II)

Jon Borland, Brian Chumney, Malcolm Fife, Rick Hromadka, Leff Lefferts, Al Nelson, Dee Selby, Randy Thom, Jana Vance and Geoff Vaughan (How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World)

Jeremy Bowker, David Farmer, Leff Lefferts, Chris Manning, Samson Neslund, Larry Oatfield, Shelley Roden, John Roesch, Bjorn Ole Schroeder, Michael Silvers and Randy Thom (Spies in Disguise)

Christopher Boyes, Ronni Brown, Justin Doyle, Frank E. Eulner, Pascal Garneau, Dee Selby, Jana Vance and Marshall Winn (The Lion King)

Thom Brennan, Coya Elliott, Ren Klyce, Cheryl Nardi, Kimberly Patrick, Shelley Roden, John Roesch, James Spencer, Jonathon Stevens and Yang Qian Bai Hui (Toy Story 4)

Tim Chau, Travis Crotts, Catherine Harper, Amy Kane, Thomas O'Neil Younkman, Fred Paragano, Jessie Pariseau, Terry Rodman, Katherine Rose and Clayton Weber (Missing Link)

Chen Guang, Emily Ding, Fan Sam, He Mei, Lu Sheng Lun, Irene Sun, Sandra Sun, Wang Shuang Shuang, Wang Zi Wei and Yin Miao (White Snake)

Best Sound Editing - Feature - Documentary

Peter Albrechtsen, Rana Eid, Theodora Flygt, Lars Ginzel, Lars Halvorsen, Heikki Kossi, Mikkel Nielsen, Thomas Pape, Graeme Stewart and Anne Tolkinnen (The Cave)

John Boylan, Julian Raymond, Bennett Salvay and Milos Zivkovic (Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice)

Choi Sung Rok, Kimberly Patrick and Yang Qian Bai Hui (Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound)

Bernd Dormayer, Michael Pioderl and Bernhard Zorzi (Sea of Shadows)

Eric Milano (Apollo 11)

Sal Ojeda and Robby Stambler (Echo in the Canyon)

Philip Stockton (Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese)

Best Sound Editing - Feature - Foreign Language

Ayush Ahuja and Nakul Kamte (Gully Boy)

Bertrand Boudaud, Benoit de Clerck, Thomas Ferrando and Claude Gillet (Atlantics)

Choi Tae Young, Kim Byung In, Lee Chung Gyu, Park Sung Gyun, Shin I Na and Young Kang Hye (Parasite)

Nathalie Fleurant, Marie-Claude Gagne, Nicolas Gagnon, Claire Pochon and Jean-Philippe Savard (The Fall of the American Empire)

Han Jun Sheng, Blake Leyh, Li Xing Hui, Skip Lievsay, Liu Ye, Ning Wei, Yang Jiang, Zhao Nan and Larry Zipf (Shadow)

Ram Kishan Nath, Krishnanunny Kj, Anil Pawar, Resul Pookutty, Shankar Sing, Karan Arjun Singh and Mahadevaiah Vijayakumar (The Sound Story)

Best Sound Editing - Feature - Musical

Fernand Bos, Kendall Demarest and Earl Ghaffari (Frozen II)

Victor Chaga, Nina Hartstone, James Shirley, Cecile Tournesac and John Warhurst (Cats)

Paul John Chandler (Judy)

John M. Davis (Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese)

Brandon Duncan (Western Stars)

Andy Patterson and Cecile Tournesac (Rocketman)

Robby Stambler (Echo in the Canyon)

Image credit: MovieStillsDB

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