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Cold War, A Star Is Born Among 2018 ASC Nominees

Tomasz Kot in Cold War

Poor Beale Street! Not a single guild nomination to its name outside its expected WGA mention so far. What a catastrophe, yet one that seems to occur every year for at least one widely-tipped title, and indeed often a minority-focused title. Otherwise, this year's American Society of Cinematographers' award nominees are fairly strong, if typically, or rather wholly male-dominated. Lukasz Zal deservedly makes the cut for Cold War, while Robbie Ryan receives a long-overdue first nomination from the ASC. Awards will be announced during the prize-giving ceremony on the 9th of February. All the movie award nominees below:

Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography

Alfonso Cuaron (Roma)

Matthew Libatique (A Star Is Born)

Robbie Ryan (The Favourite)

Linus Sandgren (First Man)

Lukasz Zal (Cold War)

Spotlight Award

Joshua James Richards (The Rider)

Giorgi Shvelidze (Namme)

Frank van den Eeden (Girl)

Image Credit: MovieStillsDB

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