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CineTributes: Wolfgang Thaler

Some consider documentary cinematography as some consider documentaries: boring. So here's proof against such a consideration: the work of Austrian cinematographer Wolfgang Thaler. In less than 30 years, he's established himself as one of cinema's most distinctive and creative visual artists across not only documentary but narrative features. Though he's collaborated mostly with Austrian filmmakers, those collaborations have seen him travel the world - Kenya, Russia, Thailand, Jordan, Mexico, Namibia, India, Ukraine, China, the U.S...

Fittingly, for a cinematographer with such a diverse array of assignments, Thaler is an evidently adaptable artist, as accomplished crafting Ulrich Seidl's meticulous compositions as with shooting Michael Glawogger's verite long takes. And some of the material he's captured for Glawogger, in titles such as Megacities and Workingman's Death, ranks among the most astonishing footage ever put to film. That Thaler isn't among conventional lists of the most astonishing cinematographers of the modern era is a travesty! Enjoy the montage, and do be sure to check out any of the films featured at the earliest convenience!

Films featured

Megacities, 1998

Dog Days, 2001

Workingman's Death, 2005

Import Export, 2007

Whores' Glory, 2011

Paradise: Love, 2012

Paradise: Faith, 2012

Paradise: Hope, 2013

Theeb, 2014

Safari, 2016

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