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CineTributes: Peter Suschitzky

Some careers just speak for themselves... but I wouldn't be much of a blogger* if I didn't have something to say regardless. Peter Suschitzky is a modern-day titan of cinematography, yet arguably the best-known fact about him is that he's never once been nominated for the Best Cinematography Academy Award. Chalk that up to his eclectic filmography and highly idiosyncratic style, plus his apparent lack of concern for appealing to Oscar voters, but it's a snub that only gets snubbier the more you look at it.

Suschitzky has served as DP on all of David Cronenberg's features since he began to move away from out-and-out horror in the late 1980s. He's also collaborated multiple times with John Boorman and Peter Watkins, alongside providing the lensing for two of Ken Russell's '70s biopic extravaganzas, cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and none other than Star Wars Episode V. His imagery is among the most iconic in cinema history, yet he's rarely cited as among the leading figures in his art. So this CineTribute is a fitting one, to truly one of the most underrated cinematographers in that very same cinema history.

*Yes I know, I'm not much of a blogger

Films featured

The War Game, 1966

The Gladiators, 1969

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, 1975

Lisztomania, 1975

Valentino, 1977

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back, 1980

Krull, 1983

Dead Ringers, 1988

Where the Heart Is, 1990

Naked Lunch, 1991

M. Butterfly, 1993

Crash, 1996

Spider, 2002

A History of Violence, 2005

Eastern Promises, 2007

Cosmopolis, 2012

Maps to the Stars, 2014

Tale of Tales, 2015

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