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CineTributes: Mandy Walker

Baz Luhrmann's 2008 epic Australia was the unfortunate victim of several unfortunate circumstances, but to this day, none still sting quite as hard as the treatment received (or not received) by its MVP, Mandy Walker. The an indie film cinematographer with only a few credits to her name, the Aussie native delivered some of the most eye-popping visuals of the '00s with her remarkable work on that ambitious, demanding project, yet went almost wholly unacknowledged by the major awards bodies that year. She'd been on the brink of becoming the very first Best Cinematography nominee at the Oscars - a milestone it'd yet take them another eight shameful years to reach - and she could hardly have been worthier.

Walker's brilliance with colour and the visual flair she can yield from any set, any scene, have made her a fine choice for many productions over the past 25 years, whether Australian or American, independent or big-budget. Her biggest to date may be the as-yet still upcoming Disney blockbuster Mulan, whose clips and trailers promise some of the most aesthetically accomplished live action material in the studio's history. Also in Walker's future is a reteaming with Luhrmann on his Elvis Presley biopic. Hopefully at least one of those will encourage the Academy to see sense and give her the recognition she's long deserved.

Films featured

The Well, 1997

Lantana, 2001

Shattered Glass, 2003

Australia, 2008

Tracks, 2013

Jane Got a Gun, 2015

Hidden Figures, 2016

Mulan, 2020

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