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CineTributes: Fred Kelemen

One of the notable attributes of several of my CineTribute subjects this July is that not only are they great cinematographers, they're also great directors with a substantial body of work to their credit as directors. And that's true of today's subject, German polymath Fred Kelemen. Indeed, like other director-DPs covered in this series, such as Nikolaus Geyrhalter and Viktor Kosakovskiy, Kelemen has undertaken many roles on his own sets, including editor and production designer, though his work isn't just confined to the screen. Indeed, Kelemen first started his career in the dramatic arts in the theatre, and has directed several plays in Berlin over the past two decades.

But this is a feature about cinematography, and it's arguably here that Kelemen has excelled most. His graphic, almost palpable imagery, regularly shot on film, has enriched not only his own pictures, but most famously those of the Hungarian master filmmaker Tarr Bela, including his incredible, prophetic 2011 feature The Turin Horse. Unfortunately for this post, however, hadly any of Kelemen's work was available for me to edit into my regular montage, so today's video contains only three of his titles as DP. Nevertheless, it's still as beautiful a vid as any I've created for my CineTributes, so I'm sure you'll enjoy it all the same.

Films featured

Krisana, 2005

The Man from London, 2007

The Turin Horse, 2011

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