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CineTributes: Charlotte Bruus Christensen

One of the most promising new faces on the cinematography scene, Charlotte Bruus Christensen has risen in prominence over the past decade. An artist with a superb skill for capturing beauty and creating richness using a naturalistic style, she's been understandably popular among directors making all kinds of picture. High-end independent American cinema swiftly snapped her up after she won the Vulcan Prize for Technical Artist at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012 for The Hunt, and her work since then, on titles such as Fences and A Quiet Place, has attracted ever larger audiences.

The young cinematographer is moving up the industry fast, and has recently taken a break from cinematography, turning instead to directing. Few filmmakers could have me interested in a BBC production of Black Narcissus, given that the Powell/Pressburger original is one of my favourite films, but Charlotte Bruus Christensen is certainly one of the few. If her directorial acumen is as strong as the visual sensibility exhibited in the original video above, it ought to be a worthy adaptation. Whatever path her career takes next, I'll be eagerly watching.

Films featured

The Hunt, 2012

Life, 2015

Far from the Madding Crowd, 2015

Fences, 2016

A Quiet Place, 2018

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