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CineTributes: Bruno Nuytten

A giant of French cinema, the now-retired Bruno Nuytten has more than earned his position among the great living cinematographers, yet his career as a DP didn't even last two decades. Nuytten shot his first feature film, Tristan and Isolde, in 1972, and his final one, Manon of the Spring, in 1986. After that, he had a slight but successful stint as a director, including the Oscar-nominated Camille Claudel, starring his one-time partner Isabelle Adjani. Adjani appears in several of his films as DP, which ran the gamut of French cinema in the 1970s and '80s. Among the directors he worked for were Marguerite Duras, Andre Techine, Claude Miller, Andrzej Zulawski, Alain Resnais and Jean-Luc Godard.

Nuytten was known for his rich compositions and exquisite capturing of natural and diegetic lighting, affording each and every one of his titles a visual splendour that further enhances their stylishness. Nuytten's imagery was lauded in Europe during his career, and has endured to this day, with films such as India Song, Possession and both Jean de Florette and Manon of the Spring boasting some of the most memorable visuals in the cinema of their era. Not only are these all beautifull-shot movies, they're also just very good movies through and through, so once you've watched the video above, be sure to check out any you haven't seen!

Films featured

Woman of the Ganges, 1974

India Song, 1975

French Provincial, 1975

Son Nom de Venise dans Calcutta Desert, 1976

Barocco, 1976

The Lorry, 1977

Zoo Zero, 1979

The Bronte Sisters, 1979

Possession, 1981

Garde a Vue, 1981

Life Is a Bed of Roses, 1983

So Long, Stooge, 1983

Fort Saganne, 1984

The Children, 1985

Jean de Florette, 1986

Manon of the Spring, 1986

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