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2021 Costume Designers Guild award winners announced

Paul Walter Hauser, Emma Stone, Joel Fry, Cruella, Costume Designers Guild Awards, Craig Gillespie
Paul Walter Hauser, Emma Stone and Joel Fry in Cruella

Screw your tasteful period opulence, Oscar-baiters! A trite, tacky, Disney origin story from the third month of Oscar eligibility has just won the Excellence in Period Film prize from the Costume Designers Guild. Film costume legend Jenny Beavan won the CDG award last night for Cruella, alongside fellow industry titans Jacqueline West for Dune (alongside Bob Morgan), and Ruth E. Carter for Coming 2 America. Fine choices all around, even if the movies themselves aren't universally quite as fine. Expect Cruella to repeat at the Oscars later this month, since it's been the most popular pick among Costume awards this season, unless Dune performs an almighty tech category sweep, or West Side Story surprises. The 2021 CDG award nominations can be viewed here.

Excellence in Period Film Costume Design

CRUELLA (Jenny Beavan)

Excellence in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film Costume Design

DUNE (Jacqueline West and Bob Morgan)

Excellence in Contemporary Film Costume Design

COMING 2 AMERICA (Ruth E. Carter)


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